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THE OHOHOHS: 'Sturm & Drang'

On stage, two instruments face each other: the grand piano and percussion. Coming from techno, the musicians have gone the path of transferring the "wildest" electronic music in analogue form to their instruments and working out new compositions, sometimes inspired by old masters. Through their mixture of different styles, they appeal to a wide audience. First and foremost is their search for an emotional connection between the different musical styles. Their dynamic grabs with forward driving melodies and rhythms, with crescendi, with breaks. It's a process of constantly re-forming, of seeking out, of surprising enchantment.

THE OHOHOHS make the concert hall mutate into a club and the club into a concert

hall. The shamanistic magic of repetitive beats comes to the fore as well as the intimate lyrical play of the grand piano.

Their debut album features 8 of their own compositions, an arrangement of the Prelude No. 2 in C minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, and an arrangement of all 3 movements of the Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven.