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Tobias Freund: 'Reel To Reel'

Tobias Freund's 'Reel to Reel' Tape Loop Project was funded by Musikfonds (Berlin) Stipendium.

All tracks were recorded using two Revox A77 tape decks.

The record head on the first Revox tape deck was routed to the playback head on the second deck, which then ran back to the first deck. The result of this constant recording and playing was a delay loop, the length of which (usually 3-6 seconds), depended on the distance between the tape decks.

This tape looping method was invented by Brian Eno and popularised by Robert Fripp known as Frippertronics in 1972. He used different audio sources and experimented with synthetic and acoustic sounds.

This is a selection out of 5h material recorded between January and April 2021, released May 20th via Eclectic Effigies.