Michael Firmont wrote score for mystery game 'the Ballad Singer'

The Ballad Singer is an asymmetric adventure, inspired by RPGs and game books, where you can experience many dynamic stories. Forge the fate of Hesperia through the stories of four different adventurers in a fantasy world completely illustrated and narrated.

To be released September 28th it will be available for PC, Mac and Mobile.


'Lonely World' for Melt Aftermovie 2018

We licensed 'Lonely World' by Moses Sumney feat. Thundercat for marvelous second aftermovie - 'Melt Blue'.

Originally published by our UK partner Just Isn't Music, Freibank represents the rights for G/S/A.


'Silver Surfer' by Trentemøller in new Vodafone CU campagne (Greece)

We licensed Trentemøller’s 'Silver Surfer' for the new Vodafone CU campagne in Greece. The music matches the dark and fast moving images of this campagne perfectly. Currently, the campagne is being shown on TV and in cinemas across Greece.


'The Mole' (Trentemøller Remix) in the Lady Gaga documentation

The Trentemøller-Remix of the song 'The Mole' by Chimes & Bells was placed in the Netflix original documentation 'Five Foot Two' portraying the life of pop icon Lady Gaga. Various songs such as 'Matadora' by Sofi Tukker of our canadian partner Third Side Music also accompany the soundtrack.





Laurent Petitgand writes soundtrack for Wim Wenders's new project

In the past decades Laurent Petitgand and Wim Wenders have worked together numerously. This time, Petitgand wrote the soundtrack for Wenders's documentation 'Pope Francis - A man of his words'. By the way: The world famous film director was personally chosen by the Vatican to produce this film! 

The documentation premiered at this years Festival de Cannes on the 13th of May. German release date was the 14th of June 2018.


Atom™ in 'Becoming Animal'

Several tracks by Atom™ from his Winterreise-Album are to be heard in Swiss/ UK production Becoming Animal.

Shot in Grand Teton National Park, this immersive essay film draws together the distinct sensibilities of filmmakers Emma Davie and Peter Mettler and philosopher David Abram to encounter the spaces where humans and animals meet.


The movie has premiered on festivals yet. Theatrical release in Switzerland in Fall.



'Je ne t'aime plus' by Manu Chao in Detlev Buck's 'Asphaltgorillas'

We licensed Manu Chao's 'Je ne t'aime plus' (originally published by our partner Because) for upcoming german movie 'Asphaltgorillas', directed by Detlev Buck.


Produced by Olga Film (Berlin), theatrical release (Germany): August 30th 2018.



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