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A Year Ago In Winter (Aftermath)

Freibank licensed the track "Happy Twist" by Elisabeth Yndestad for the family drama "A Year Ago In Winter", based off the novel "Aftermath" directed by oscar-winning director Caroline Link.

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Freibank placed amongst others "Familiar Ground" by The Cinematic Orchestra and "The Great Drive By" by Funki Porchini, for the irish documentary film "Waveriders". Waveriders is the previously untold story of the unlikely Irish roots of the worldwide surfing phenomenon and today’s pioneers of Irish big wave surfing.

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Another recent placement with "Blue Lights At Dusk" by Robin Foster for the european "Boss Bottled " commercial. Congratulations to Last Exit Publishing, whose catalogue is published by Freibank for GSA.

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The current European LEVI´s ad, which uses "Strange Love" by Little Annie to great effect, won the Bronze Award in the "Best Music Use" category at the international advertising festival in Cannes. The campaign has now been extended to North America, Mexico and Asia.


None other than St. Petersburg Surf Boogie Inferno Messer Chups provide their "Grobik Mobile" to General Motor´s massive upcoming pan-european TV campaign for their Meriva and Zafira Models. Joining the celebration is Freibank´s co-publishing partner in the deal, Edition Stora.


Einstuerzende Neubauten song “Total Eclipse Of The Sun” will air on the upcoming Sprint “City Lights” commercials for USA.