Mijk van Dijk for BMW viral

We are happy that Mijk van Dijk made it into the current BMW viral "Fahrerlebnisschalter - Clown".

"Türlich Türlich" licensed for SATURN spot

"Türlich Türlich" by Das Bo has successfully been licensed for retail giant SATURN's current campaign.

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Gerret Frerichs for Coca Cola

Freibank writer Gerret Frerichs provides music for Coca-Cola spot "Kurt, die Kiste"!

"Bless You" used for mobile provider Congstar spot

Gerret Frerich's "Bless You" used for mobile provider Congstar's current spot

Upcoming movie: "Das Hochzeitsvideo"

In the upcoming movie „Das Hochzeitsvideo“, directed by Sönke Wortmann, which will be released on the 10.05.2012 in Germany, there is the track “Türlich Türlich" by das Bo!


Kaboul Kitchen

"The History Of French Cuisine" by Kid Kongo & The Pink Monkey Birds opens the new french TV Series Kaboul Kitchen.


Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build a Home" soundtrack for IKEA TV campaign

Wonderful "To build a home" song by The Cinematic Orchestra used in current Ikea TV-Spot, developed by the Kemper-Trautmann agency in Hamburg.

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