'Shining Light' by Hugo Race & Fatalists in 2nd season of 'Harrow' ‎

Our partner Perfect Pitch Publishing licensed 'Shining Light' by Hugo Race & Fatalists for Australian television drama series Harrow.


The series is about unorthodox forensic pathologist Dr Daniel Harrow who, in the second seasons recovers from a near-fatal shooting and returns immediately to work, investigating the tragic puzzle of a young mother's psychotic episode while trying to figure out who shot him.


The second Season is out since May 12th on ABC!



'Safi' by Midland in the new ad for Huawei P30 Pro

The song 'Safi' by the UK based DJ Midland was placed in the new commercial for the innovative P30 Pro Smartphone from Huawei.


Congrats to our Partner Just Isn't music!


Mona Mur teamed up with Alexander Quandt for the soundtrack of 'Root Republic'

'Root Republic' is an award winning documentary on the consciousness of trees and plants. Part II was presented at the Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival in March - a biennial three-day gathering of music, ceremony, knowledge sharing and arts, held in a stunning cultural landscape.



'A Thought Of Ecstasy' has been nominated the German Critic’s Award

Great news for all of us! A Thought of Ecstasy has been nominated the German Critic’s Award (Preis der deutschen Filmkritik) in the category 'Best Music'. The awards will be announced at a Special Event during Berlin Film Festival.

We are proud and thrilled to having contributed to this film with the licensing of 'Immortality' by Hugo Race & Catherine Graindorge!


Scooter and Das Bo for viral spot 'Hypebahn'

Hamburg's public transportation service Hochbahn decided to use two of the greatest german tracks from the 90ies for their actual viral campaign #allesnachplan:

Scooter's 'Hyper Hyper' and 'Türlich Türlich' by Das Bo have been licensed for this trippy ad. Congrats to our artists and everybody else involved!


Scooter      Das Bo

'Deceive' by Trentemøller in the new ad for Givenchy fragrance 'L’Interdit'

The song 'Deceive'  by our artist Trentemøller (feat. Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes) was placed in the new commercial for Givenchy’s fragrance 'L’Interdit'.


In the spot, the actress Ronney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Song to Song, Maria Magdalena etc.) walkes throught the streets of Paris during the night. Her curiosity also leads her to forbidden places and parties unterground. The atmosphere created by 'Deceive' in combination with the pictures strongly underscores the restlessness and individuality of the protagonist.



Connan Mockasin's 'Forever Dolphin Love' for mytheresa.com

Tod's at 80 km/h? Oh yes. Watch longboard legends Lisa and Jasmijn bolt down the Amalfi coast in exclusive Tod’s collection, boasting brand-new sneakers and all-time favorites in plush velvet.


We licensed Connan Mockasin's 'Forever Dolphin Love' for a spot of luxury shopping platform mytheresa.com.


Originally published by our partner Because, Freibank represents publishing in Germany.



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